What is The Catenian Association?

The Catenian Association is an international brotherhood of practising Catholic laymen who meet socially, at least once a month, in local branches, known as Circles. Members refer to each other as ’brother’. This reflects the strength of the mutual support they give to each other and their families, which is based on the shared values of their Catholic belief and practice.

In an increasingly secular society, the Association provides a sociable and supporting haven (an oasis of calm) for those facing challenges to their beliefs and moral values in their business, professional and family lives. Through their membership Catenians are helped to enjoy and fulfill their various vocations in life. Firstly as baptised Christians and also in their family as a husband and father; in their chosen profession or workplace; within the civil community and within the church.

The Association’s name is derived from the Latin ’Catena’ (a chain) with the Circles being the links in the chain. The emblem consists of a continuous chain of links surrounding a cross. This symbolizes that our Catholic faith is at the centre of all we do.

The Association is not a fund raising agent for the Catholic Church, nor is it a Catholic action group. However, it is a group of active Catholics. On an individual basis, Catenians take an active part in the life of their parishes and many play a leading role in their dioceses and Catholic lay organisations locally and nationally. The Association is non-political though Catenians are prominent in many aspects of public life and service.


How to Join

Membership of the Catenian Association gives the opportunity to meet other Catholic men and to build lifelong friendships with them and their families.

Membership is by invitation and is open only to practising Catholic laymen over the age of 21 who are financially stable and (if under retirement age) in employment at the time of joining. There are no specific requirements in terms of income or type of occupation, nor a requirement for a member's wife to be a Catholic: many are not and participate fully in the enjoyment of Catenian life.

Potential members are either approached by, or approach, a current member when interest in the Association is explored and explained. The applicant is then invited to social functions (along with his wife and family where the event is appropriate) so he/they can experience the Catenian ethos.

Where interest continues an applicant will then be invited to attend one or more Circle meetings as an observer. Applicants are required to make formal application on the appropriate form and to meet with members of the local Circle's membership committee (usually with his wife present and in his own home) so the implications of membership can be discussed fully in a relaxed atmosphere. The applicant then joins the Association as a member of a local Circle.

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If you would like to know more about becoming a Catenian, but do not know a Catenian, please click here to get in touch.


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